Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my new internet home, built by the inimitable Jeremiah Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios and furnished by my friend MJ Erickson, a fantastic artist. Please pardon my dust as – as I stop myself from going any further with that metaphor.

These kinds of posts always struck me as half resume, half dating ad. Reasons I know what I’m talking about and reasons you should totally hang out with me!

To start with, I’ve been studying storytelling since before I knew what poetics was. In fact, I wasn’t introduced to that particular term until college, and by then I was neck deep in the mechanics of story and how and why things worked as they did. I went to the Alpha Workshop for Young Writers when I was in my early teens, attending for two years as a student then again as junior staff. I didn’t have the words yet to describe what I knew, but I already had the – according to my parents – uncanny ability to predict films and television twists, to the point where I was forbidden to speak while watching TV. I applied the same skill to books, breaking down their contents and looking at where my predictions went wrong, then going back through the text and finding points where the new outcome was hinted at. College gave me the means to talk about what I’d been doing for years, and the advanced tools to dig deeper into analysis and narrative structure.

You’ll see a lot of that here – analysis, talk about writing and how scenes work, what scenes are, all of that. Also personal ramblings about fan things, working as a personal assistant, and my own projects. Probably too the occasional bit of fanfiction, as I have fun with it and find it a good way to explore and experiment with narrative techniques in a low-investment way. I’m also working on video essays talking about TV and movies! Those will role out in December, and I’ll make an announcement in my newsletter on what the first topics will be. At the moment, I’ve planned posts about critique groups (11/8), and about what “conflict” means for fiction (11/11), as well as a guest post for a friend about how I critique and what I look for. Not sure when that one will go up, but I’ll announce it here!

In the mean time, you can get a taste for how I do things with Anatomy of Action Scenes, or get my take on the narrative failures of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Welcome!

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